• Abhyudaya Education Society School
    अभ्युदय एज्युकेशन सोसायटी स्कूल

Welcome to Abhyudaya Education Society School

Rules & Regulations


1. Within the school premises always speak in English
2. Do not use abusive language.
3. Avoid shouting, screaming, whistling and yelling
4. When Announcement are made listen attentively


1. Punctuality is a great Value. Be punctual to school. Be punctual in studies.
2. Just as you value your property, so too do other. Do not steal.
3. Never copy or cheat during examination.
4. Respect everyone irrespective of age, gender or class, respect teacher and the non-teaching staff.
5. Maintain personal hygiene.
6. Keep your surrounding clean. Do not litter your class room and school compound. Pick up any piece of rubbish and put it in the dustbin.
7. Readers make leader read the newspaper daily read books other than your textbooks too.


1. When school leave for the day, go home directly. Do not loiter around the school premises.
2. All problem related to school should be solved in the school itself do not carry tales home and magnify issues unnecessarily.
3. When you are delayed in school for any reason i.e. extra class, practice etc inform your parents.


1. Students should be present in school before prayer. Late comers will be given late mark.
2. Incase, a student desire  to remain absent. He / She has to produce a written request showing the reasons from the parent a written request to the  class teacher and prior permission is to be obtained
3. In case, it is not possible to bring such a written required from the parents in advance. It should be produced as soon as the student resumes. Otherwise, he/she will not be allowed to attend the class.
4. If during the course of the day, a student desires to go home, a written request from the parent should be produced  and written permission from the class teacher  should be obtained.
5. If there is no written request from the parent a written permission from the principal should be obtained for going  home .
6. If the student is sick and remain absent, medical certificate should be produced.
7. It is the responsibility of the parent to see that the student studies the portion taught during the period of his / her absence .
8. (75% attendance is necessary for the final exam. Those who do not have the same will not be allowed to sit for the  final exam).


1. Students must come to school in school uniform and it should be neat and tidy.
2. The uniform for students is as follow:
Boys : Blue checks half shirt and half pant of blue colour, neckties, belt and black shoes with navy blue socks.
Girls : Full blue checks blouse and pinafore of blue colour, neckties, belt and black shoes with navy blue socks.
Black sandals during rainy season [for boys and girls]
PT uniform: Housewise PT uniform
Boys and girls :
Collared T-shirts (Red, Blue, Green and Yellow) and blue full pant for both
blue canvas shoes with navy blue socks.

During winter :
Boys : V necked full sleeved blue sweater.
Girls : Full sleeved blue sweater with front button.


Text books are supplied to all the students by the Education. Department of MCGM & Govt of Maharashtra under the scheme of Sarva Shikshan Abhiyan.


1. The school badge of AES looks simple but has a deep meaning.
2. In the centre of sunflower stands for 'Abhyudaya' which means progress.
3. Sunflower indicates colour of life which is associated with sun that indicates knwoledge, energy, perfectionism, spontaineity, creativity and modern outlook.


1. The fee should be paid before the 12th of every month failing which a fine of 1 month will have to paid.
2. The fee for the month of October and November should be March before the commencement of the first and Second semester examination respectively beside student who is newly admitted should pay the entire fee for respective term.
3. Student of Std X, appearing for the S.S.C Examination should pay the entire fee including Examination fee and any other dues before 30th November.
4. If any defaulter appears for the Second Semester examination with the special permission of the head master, the result of such student will be withheld till all the dues are recovered.
5. Fee once paid will not be refunded under any circumstances.
6. All the fresh students from STD .V-X are exempted from paying fees. The Student should submit duly filled fee concession form within the prescribed.


1. Be punctual and regular to school
2. Maintain personal bhygiene
3. Wear neat and tidy uniform .
4. Do your lesson  and home work daily and revise all your  previous lesson at least once in a week
5. Behave well and talk recpectfully to all teachers, classmates and other staff .
6. Never use bad words or shout in the school .
7. Do not scribble on wall or damage school property .
8. Make a person time –table and follow it strictly.
9. Enrich your god gifted talent.

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