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    अभ्युदय एज्युकेशन सोसायटी स्कूल

Welcome to Abhyudaya Education Society School


As a principal it is a great pleasure for me to welcome you all to the school website. I have been associated with the school since 1998, which is almost 26 years now.

All through these years I have seen lot of changes but my love for young ones remains on top.
AES was established in 1964 with very little strength and resources but because of the continuous efforts of management it is now graded as one of the best schools in Kalachowki area. All these years I have received immense support from my co-teachers, parents, and the staff.  As a teacher I believe that education helps to develop understanding, reasoning and thinking skills. At AES we help students realize that the talents are gifts to be developed not for self-gain or self-satisfaction alone but for the betterment of society as a whole. Our duty is to impart knowledge to every student in a systematic way.
I personally believe becoming a student at AES is a gift to the student who should   take the best advantage of it and make the most of the opportunities given. In return we expect our students to come back to the school and give it their little bit when ever they are settled in life.
I am happy to communicate with the viewers through the medium of our this web site. 

Mrs. Asmita Vikas Pathare
Headmistress, English Primary Medium

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