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    अभ्युदय एज्युकेशन सोसायटी स्कूल

Welcome to Abhyudaya Education Society School

English Medium Principal

Globalization has made present day education difficult and complex.

We at AES try to train our children to become dynamic in their approach, to be able to think wisely, rationally and to develop critical and analytical thinking by adopting modern methods of teaching and learning.

Education manifests itself in the imagination of humanity. It bestows in children the divine power to appreciate various aspects of life, science and technology. Education awakens the curiosity in the minds of young children and plants in their minds the desire for knowledge. 

As a principal I am delighted to have your children as my students at Abhyudaya Education Society's High School (English Medium) as they start their journey towards most important academic years of their lives. With the blessings of veterans of Abhyudaya Parivar I assure your children meaningful education that would dispels darkness and ignorance amongst them and help them lead life with a purpose.

With all my best wishes and prayers.

Anjali Suryakant Tarade
Headmistress, English Secondary Medium

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