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Welcome to Abhyudaya Education Society School

From the Principal's Desk



I am very glad to join Abhyudaya Education Society's High School & Jr. College of Commerce family as the new principal.

Globalization has made education complex, dynamic and powerful to think wisely. Education should develop critical and analytical thinking skills. It should adopt the modern trend of teaching & learning process. Education is the most important imagination for humanity. It is divine power for innocent souls. Education is the beauty of science & technology that made the art of living & awakening the natural curiosity of young, pure & adolescence souls & minds to discover their earnest desire for knowledge.

From the varied experiences throughout my career, I have learned that the best method to increase and maintain high student achievement is to faster the developments of a strong school community where the principal, staff and parents collaborate in order to best meet the needs of their students. As an educational leader, I am dedicated to build strong, collaborative relationship with teachers, students and parents as a means of promoting learning and high performance for all stakeholders.

A.E.S. High School & Jr. College of commerce offers many opportunities beyond academic learning, to develop the personal, social and developmental skills through our classrooms teaching and extra- curricular activities.

Finally I believe that students learn best when the content is made relevant to their lives and when they have opportunities to activity engage in inquiry, discovery, critical analysis and discussion of the subject matter. I will work with teachers to provide these kinds of learning many opportunities to our students.

You can also expect that I will openly communicate with you, listen and welcome your input. Together we can ensure that Abhyudaya Education Society's High School & Jr. College of commerce continues to grow and excel.

With all my best wishes and prayers. 

Kshitija Shrikant Phansekar
Principal, Marathi Secondary & Junior College



Kotak Mahindra